Bare Back Grill

Bare Burger & Fries

San Diego Burger Club went to Bare Back Grill for our first meeting of 2014.  It was a beautiful day in Pacific Beach so the open air nature of the restaurant was fitting.  We got there about 11:45am and it was not very crowded, nor did it get crowded during the lunch hour.  People ordered a variety of burgers and the consensus was basically “good burgers, interesting/different spices (in a good way), probably about a B+/A-“.  The cost ended up being about $15 each (plus tip).  There were several comments about the spices standing out and making it hard to taste the burger flavor.  I got the Bare Burger pictured above, which is about as plain as they make a burger, and even I was trying to figure out what spices were in the burger that made it taste a bit different.  The fries were a little different too and ultimately we figured out (and the waitress verified) that the fries had sugar on them.  Everyone enjoyed their lunch and thought the burgers and fries were good — they just didn’t have the “pure burger taste” that we were expecting.  We enjoyed it though and I definitely would go back.


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  1. Brandon

    Agreed! The Hogs and Heffers burger was very good (but with bacon, how is anything else a possiblity?). I give high marks on the ambience, and solid marks on the burger and fries. The sugar was a nice touch. A great place to grab a burger on a sunny day.


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