Prepkitchen (Del Mar)

Prepkitchen Del Mar Whisknladle Burger (8-17-2016)
Whisknladle Burger (sunny side up egg, no bacon or cheese)
Prepkitchen Del Mar Whisknladle Burger 2 (8-17-2016)
Whisknladle Burger (fried egg)

Welcome, Prepkitchen, to the number 1 spot on our top ten list!

Prepkitchen only has two burgers on their menu — a cheeseburger (with gouda, tomato, lettuce, red onion, and dijonnaise sauce) and a “Whisknladle Burger” (with gruyere, applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, remoulade, and a “farm egg”).  That is all they need though.  Both burgers were excellent, and overall the meal received a grade of A/A- (with the average being closer to an A than an A-).

These are some delicious, juicy burgers.  They generally were cooked as ordered, and from the first bite our members were singing their praises.  I do not normally order my burgers with an egg on top, but the egg on the Whisknladle Burger looked too good to pass up today so I gave it a shot.  That was a good call because the Whisknladle Burger was excellent, though as you might imagine from the picture on the top left above, things got messy pretty quickly.

Then there are the fries.  Hats off to you Prepkitchen — those are some really excellent fries.  They are perfectly crispy but not overcooked, and very salty, which many of us prefer.  I am not usually the person at the table who can identify the spices in the food, but after eating a few of the fries I noted that the fries had a bit of a lemony taste.  Our waitress confirmed that the fries have gremolata on them.  Good stuff.

A few other things worth noting:  These burgers aren’t cheap.  The cheeseburger will set you back $15.25 (plus beverage, tax, and tip).  The Whisknladle Burger will set you back $20.50 (plus beverage, tax, and tip).  It’s worth it though.  Also, Prepkitchen has a nice patio, which lets you enjoy the outdoors while being shaded from direct sun.  And, at least where we were sitting, there was a nice view of the ocean.  It’s hard to beat an excellent burger and fries in beautiful weather with a view of the ocean!

Prepkitchen was a universal hit among our members.  With a grade of A/A-, it takes the number 1 spot on our top ten list at this point.  Highly recommended!

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