Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar Front Porch Burger (8-30-2016)
Front Porch Burger
Grub Burger Bar Morning Glory Burger (8-30-2016)
Morning Glory Burger
Grub Burger Bar Strawberry Shake (8-30-2016)
Strawberry Shake

Grub Burger Bar just opened in San Diego so of course we had to pay it a visit. Reactions were mixed, though generally positive, with Grub scoring a B++.

Grub is a place where you go to the cash register to order, then you receive a device that looks like one of the things a restaurant gives you when you are waiting to be seated, then you sit wherever you like and they bring you your food.  The device that looks like a wait-for-a-table-buzzer is in fact some kind of beacon that associates your order with the location of the device.  That is how they know where to deliver your food (so it’s like an expensive version of the numbers that some restaurants give you to put on your table).  Although one of our members had a problem when Grub first opened with this system causing food to be misdelivered, we did not encounter any such problems on our visit.

The menu offers a wide range of burgers and sides, and we were generally pleased with the appearance of the food when it arrived.  There were comments about the freshly baked, “shiny” buns, the good looking egg, and the generous portion of thin fries.  After digging in, reactions were a bit mixed, with a number of grades of A- but also a number of Bs and a B+.  The fries were generally a big hit – thin and cooked well and nicely spiced.  Some people really liked their burgers though, while others felt the burgers were lacking in flavor, and the bun was bland, and the burger (which was supposed to be a blend of chuck and brisket) didn’t taste much like it had brisket in it.  Most likely the different ratings were the product of the different burgers being ordered.  The more plain burgers tended to receive lower ratings, while the burgers with cheese, bacon, egg, etc. on them tended to rate higher.  So, contrary to my usual ordering preference, Grub may be a place to go for the extras on your burger.

One of our members ordered a turkey burger and rated it an A- for being very solid, and spicy.  Another member ordered a milkshake, which, as you can see above, looked great.  He assured us it tasted great as well.

Welcome to San Diego,Grub!  You get a respectable rating of B++, with the tip that people should order your burgers with extras on top if they want to get the best you have to offer.

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