Craft Burger

bbq craft (8-26-2015)
bbq craft
cali craft with egg (8-26-2015)
cali craft w/ egg (& w/o garlic aoli)

For the sixth (and northern-most) stop on our 2015 summer beach tour, San Diego Burger Club went to Craft Burger for lunch today.  The verdict?  Craft Burger earns an A-/A due to their excellent burgers and nearly perfect fries.

We arrived at Craft Burger just before noon and we were the only patrons in the restaurant at that time.  Our burgers — though thick and apparently cooked to order — arrived relatively quickly.  We observed that the burgers had a nice char to them, and most (but not all) were cooked to the temperature Craft Burger recommends — medium.  Everyone thought their burgers were quite good, and there were several comments about how juicy they were or how well spiced they were (especially compared to some of the other beachside burger joints we have visited this summer).  To some extent, the burgers at Craft Burger remind me of the turkey burger at Hanna’s Gourmet — nicely spiced in a way that makes your mouth eager for the next bite.  As good as the burgers were, the fries received even higher ratings for being cooked perfectly, being crispy, being seasoned well, and tasting great.  Craft Burger also has a nice assortment of specialty sodas and craft beers, several flat screen televisions (and one projector), and a good collection of slightly-irreverent signs on the walls, all of which added to our enjoyment.

With all members giving Craft Burger either an A- or A, Craft Burger’s rating averages out to an A-/A.  Further, by vote of those who visited both Craft Burger and Stacked, Craft Burger takes the top ranking, putting it at number 2 on our top 10 list.  Although it’s a bit of a hike for most of us to get to Carlsbad where Craft Burger is located, I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be back.  :)

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