Kono’s Surf Club — Personal Review

Konos Burger and Fries (3-20-2014)      Konos View (3-20-2014)


A quick personal review:  I went to Kono’s in PB this past weekend.  Kono’s almost always has a really long line, so when I passed by at 3pm and there was only one person in line, I decided this was my chance to try Kono’s.  All I can say is:  DON’T GO TO KONO’S FOR THE BURGER!  I give them a C at best.  If you are going there for a burger and fries about the best thing you will get out of the experience is the nice view shown above.  The burger was not very flavorful, it had too much mustard on it, the pickles were sliced very unevenly so some were extra-thick (and were most of what you tasted in that bite), the bun was an onion roll (if it said that on the menu and if there were other options, I missed it) and it was a bit too onion-y, there are no condiments outside so you have to make sure to get them before you leave the indoors part of the restaurant (lesson learned), they only accept cash, and about half of those too-thick fries were so undercooked that I decided not to continue hunting for properly-cooked french fries and just abandoned them altogether.  Kono’s seems to specialize in breakfast dishes and maybe their breakfast is good.  Certainly their almost omnipresent line-out-the-door suggests they have something good going on there.  It’s not their burger though.

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