Callahan’s Pub & Brewery

Callahans (4-29-2015)


San Diego Burger Club went to Callahan’s today.  Despite the variety of burgers on the menu, the fact that tater tots are an option, and the presence of a combination Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga machine at the restaurant, Callahan’s earned a B-.

It’s not that Callahan’s is particularly bad, it’s just that everything they served could be better.  The buns were overly doughy / slightly undercooked — not to the extent of being inedible, but enough that all of us noticed it.  The burgers were just a bit off.  Mine tasted sort of smoky.  They were cooked to the temperature each of us ordered, but the flavor just wasn’t that great.  Then there were the tater tots — a bit undercooked and not well seasoned (if they were seasoned at all).  A couple of us had recently been to the Stuffed food truck and the comparison was hard to escape — the bun, burger, and tots at Stuffed are far superior.

That is really all that needs to be said.  Callahan’s will do in a pinch, but you can get a much better burger in the vicinity, at the same cost or less, at either Draft Republic or Stuffed.

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