Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks (UTC / Nobel Dr.)

Islands Burger (11-10-2014)


San Diego Burger Club went to Islands Burger today.  Islands Burger was running a lunch special for the “Big Wave” burger and literally everyone ordered the “Big Wave”.  The result of so many big waves:  a C+.

The trip was somewhat reminiscent of the old Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercial.  The buns were pretty big, and while the hamburger patty mostly extended to the ends of the bun, the patty was thin and not very juicy.  The cook was pretty heavy handed with the mustard too — perhaps in an effort to mask the lack of flavor in the burger.  The fries, on the other hand, were good.  They were reminiscent of In-N-Out fries, but a bit thicker and better cooked.  Also, kudos to Islands Burger for having “endless fries”, which we took advantage of.  :)

I have always enjoyed the atmosphere at Islands Burger, where they run continuous videos of big wave surfing and of people skiing down steep faces of mountains.  The price was decent as well, at around $12 each including tip.  But, a decent price can’t make a poor burger into a good burger.

Overall the burgers were pretty uninspiring, and there were quite a few ratings in the C range.  As a result, Islands Burger was lucky to pull off a C+ today.

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