Smashburger (Del Mar)

Smashburger 2 (5-9-2014)

San Diego Burger Club went to Smashburger in Del Mar yesterday (Friday, May 9, 2014).  For many attendees, it was their first visit to a Smashburger.  Judging from the reaction, it won’t be their last!  We got interesting reviews of Smashburger.  Overall we give it a “B++ with a high standard deviation”.  Six people attended, and 3 gave it an A-, 1 gave it a B+, and 2 gave it a B.  We all agreed the fries were very good, with many proclaiming them the best of any burger joint to date.  I have to agree that skinny fries in general (and Smashburger’s version in particular) are awesome — among other things, you have to really botch things up to undercook them.  :)  We also all enjoyed the ambience at the Del Mar Smashburger, despite the initial bout of biplanes flying overhead for an airshow this weekend and despite the fact that the patio where we sat is right on the sidewalk by the 101.  It was a beautiful day and we were one block east of the Del Mar beach with a great view of the ocean.  That’s hard to beat.  The place where there was some disagreement though was about the burgers themselves.  For me personally, the taste of a “Big Smash” harkens back to the burgers of my youth — you can really taste the ground beef and in my opinion it’s simply juicy and delicious.  Others commented that the “Classic” bun is quite good as well.  One of the attendees who gave it a B rating though noted that their burger was messy — with the bun sliding around and things dripping out the sides — and compared the bun to Wonder Bread (a sentiment that a number of others did not share).  The other attendee who gave it a B ordered the “Veggie Frites” (flash fried asparagus spears, carrot sticks and green beans) and noted, correctly, that their veggies were quite greasy.  I have to say that I have sampled “Veggie Frites” that others ordered at different Smashburger locations, and they were not as greasy as those served yesterday in Del Mar.  But, Smashburger in Del Mar blew it with the “Veggie Frites” yesterday.  Too greasy people — up your game!  My Big Smash, fries, and soda cost $11.20.  That’s not the cheapest quick service burger in town, but it may be one of the best …

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