Beaumont’s Eatery

Beaumonts Char-Burger (5-18-2016)
Beaumonts Char-Burger With Egg (5-18-2016)
Char-Burger with Egg

San Diego Burger Club went to Beaumont’s Eatery in La Jolla for lunch today.  We ordered a bunch of Char-Burgers and were generally very happy with them.  Grades ranged from B to A- and averaged B+, so Beaumont’s gets a B+.

Beaumont’s is in the south part of La Jolla, just east of Bird Rock.  There was not a lot of traffic in the area and we were able to find parking right by the restaurant.  We arrived just before noon and the restaurant was not very crowded.  More people arrived over the lunch hour but one could walk in and be seated immediately throughout the lunch hour.  Although the restaurant was not very crowded, the service was a bit on the slow side.

All but one of us ordered the Char-Burger, which is made from Angus Beef.  We did ask what meats are in the Beaumont’s Burger “three meat blend”, and we were told it was made of veal, pork, and beef.  No one really wanted the toppings on the Beaumont’s Burger though, so we ended up with Char-Burgers.

The Char-Burgers are appropriately named.  They have a very nice, tasty char to them.  They are thick burgers, and in all but one case they came out cooked as ordered (one was a bit overcooked).  Those who ordered their burgers with egg were happy with the eggs too — the yolks were drippy but not too much so.

The fries also were quite good.  Beaumont’s serves thin fries and they were nice and crispy.  Normally I end up adding salt to my fries, but Beaumont’s got it just about right for me — I did not need to add any salt to the fries and if anything I would say the fries might have been a tad on the salty side.

We did have one member who felt that the burger needed more flavor — either more salt or perhaps the “house aioli” on the burger should have been more pronounced (if the house aioli was actually on the Char-Burger, we didn’t really notice it).  Also, although the restaurant is not the most upscale establishment in La Jolla, they did have white linen napkins, which left little white flecks on my black pants.  Considering that I did not end up with any grease stains from the charred-but-juicy burger though, I can’t complain too much.

A B+ is a good grade, even if it clearly is outside the top 10 these days.  If you are in La Jolla you do have George’s as an option, which is in our top 10, is more upscale, and has a great view of the ocean.  However, if you need a hamburger fix while in the south part of La Jolla or if you don’t want to deal with the traffic and parking challenges in the north part of La Jolla, Beaumont’s is a slightly less expensive alternative that offers a very good burger.

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