Luna Grill (Carmel Valley)

A quick personal review:  This past weekend I went to Luna Grill in Carmel Valley.  I have been there several times before and I think they generally have decent Mediterranean food.  I have noticed that there is a burger slipped onto that Mediterranean menu though, and I thought I should give it a shot one day.  I was wrong.

There is some nicely spiced food at Luna Grill, but their burger definitely does not fall in that category.  The burger tasted like it had been sitting in water — not like a freshly grilled burger.  It was bland.  Very bland.  There also was too much sauce on it, and the bun was too thick and not toasted.  The only thing I can say for the burger is that it was edible — barely.  I did not capture a picture of the burger but it looks like this:

The fries were well cooked, but they too were pretty bland.  After I put a healthy dose of salt on them though they improved quite a bit.

I give the burger at Luna Grill a C-.  There are lots of good choices on the menu at Luna Grill, but the burger is not one of them.  I didn’t hate the burger, but with other good choices on the menu and the burger being such a disappointment, I doubt I will ever order a Luna Grill burger again.

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