Slater’s 50/50 (Thanksgiving Turkey Burger)

Slaters 1-3 Thanksgiving Burger And Fries (11-23-2015)
1/3 Pound Thanksgiving Burger And Fries
Slaters 2-3 Thanksgiving Burger (11-23-2015)
2/3 Pound Thanksgiving Burger

San DIego Burger Club went to Slater’s 50/50 in Point Loma for lunch today.  It has become our tradition to seek out a good turkey burger around Thanksgiving, and we certainly found one today.  Slater’s has a “burger of the month” each month and this month it is the Thanksgiving Burger.  The Thanksgiving Burger consists of a “seasoned turkey patty, brioche dressing, turkey gravy, house made cranberry sauce, garlic and sage aioli on a honey wheat bun.”  We all thoroughly enjoyed the burger and rated it an A-.

I did not have high hopes for a burger topped with stuffing, gravy, and cranberry.  Surprisingly though, it was quite good.  The patty, though thick, was cooked quite well with a nice char on the outside.  The patty also had some nice seasoning in it that we could not identify, except we did taste the salt because there was a bit too much of it.  The excess salt, and the burger being a bit messy, were really the only complaints we had.  The turkey burger was very good.  The fries were good as well.  Though a bit thick, they were cooked nicely and had a good combination of salt and pepper on them (one of our members thought there was a bit too much salt).  Slater’s also has a great selection of milkshakes and desserts, and one of our members had the Mint Chocolate Guinness shake and thought it was very good.

As usual, the Slater’s in Point Loma — being near the San Diego airport — had airplanes flying overhead periodically.  The planes are low and loud, and generally interrupt conversations for 15 seconds or so.  Our service also was a bit slow today, even though the restaurant was not very crowded.  It took a while for the food to arrive after we ordered, and it took a while for the check to arrive as well.

We really enjoyed Slater’s Thanksgiving Burgers.  It was a great way to kick-start the holiday.  We don’t often forego beef burgers for other types of meat, but we were glad we did so today.

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