Legacy Brewing Company Tap & Kitchen (Miramar)

Legacy Brewing Classic Burger     Legacy Brewing Legacy Burger

San Diego Burger Club went to Legacy Brewing Company Tap & Kitchen on Miramar today.  Legacy earned a B for “good enough” burgers and fries, neither of which really stood out.

Legacy’s Miramar location is a bit hard to find.  It’s in the back of a shopping center at 7060 Miramar Road.  If you weren’t specifically looking for it, you would be unlikely to find it.  That goes for their website too!  At this time, if you go to www.legacybrewingco.com, you will be hard pressed to find information about any location other than the one on Airport Road in Oceanside.  Perhaps that helps explain the small number of patrons there today.

Legacy has four burgers on the menu — a “Classic Burger” (pictured on the left above), a “Legacy Burger” (pictured on the right above — pretzel bun, fried egg, and “Hellfire bacon jam”), a “Spicy Burger” (serrano, chili aioli, avocado, and provolone), and they recently added a lamb burger.  We sampled all four burgers and they all rated a B.  The burgers were fine — they just weren’t super juicy or flavorful.  Also, in my case the bun on my Classic Burger was quite a bit bigger than the burger, giving rise to a too-high bun-to-burger ratio (the burger was decent sized though so I won’t charge them with a “where’s the beef?” violation …).  In the case of the Spicy Burger, it was not actually that spicy.  The Legacy Burgers were very sloppy (the egg dripped everywhere and created a mess) and came with too much bacon jam.  The lamb burger seemed to be fine — it just didn’t stand out.  Also there is the matter of the fries — they were a bit … limp.  They tasted okay, but they would have been better if they were crispier.

If you are looking for some fun outside the bun, Legacy has some enticing non-burger offerings.  They seem to have won many awards for their house-brewed beers, and their menu has a number of alluring appetizers — “poutine” (duck confit, cheese curds, fries, and gravy), “bacon dates” (with blue cheese, almond, and truffle honey), duck eggrolls, crispy brussel sprouts, chicken wings, spicy cauliflower (with queso fresco, green onion, and toasted bread crumbs), fish and pork tacos, “pork bun” (pork belly, chili aoili, and pickled vegetables), and soft pretzels (with “blonde beer cheese” and “that guava mustard”).

Bottom line:  The burgers are okay but if you go a few blocks down the street and cross the 805 you can get a better burger for less at Five Guys (or there is Eureka in the same area).  If you are going there for the award-winning beer though and also want to get a meal, the burger at Legacy makes a perfectly acceptable meal.

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