Westroot Tavern

Westroot Burger (7-13-2016)
Westroot Burger
Westroot Bacon Bleu Burger (7-13-2016)
Bacon Bleu Burger

San Diego Burger Club went to Westroot Tavern for lunch today.  Many of our members had not been to “The Village At Pacific Highlands Ranch” before, so it was something of an excursion for the group.  The food was a treat as well, rating an A-/B+ and landing in the top 10.

First a nod to the management, which was very responsive about arranging a reservation and checking on us during the meal.  Good job there.

Also, the fries at Westroot Tavern are really quite good, with some kind of spice on them that keeps you coming back for more.  Westroot also gives you a generous portion of fries, which we all either finished or nearly finished.  By themselves, I think I would give the fries an A.

As for the burger, it has a lot of good flavor in it, is juicy, and has a nice char to it.  Members also were complimenting the bun and the pickles, so there is a lot to like in Westroot’s burgers.  There were a few small issues that brought the burger’s grade down a bit though.  Most significantly, most of our members ordered their burgers medium but they arrived medium-well or well done.  Also one of our members thought the Thousand Island Dressing on the Westroot Burger was a bit overpowering, though not everyone felt that way.  One member also commented that the burger was a bit on the thin side, though he still really liked the taste and juiciness of the patty.

In summary we were impressed with the burgers and fries at Westroot Tavern and we welcome it to the top 10 with a grade of A-/B+.  Also, while I found the burger and fries pretty filling, if you want something sweet after your burger there is a Baked Bear right near Westroot to top off your meal with an excess of cookies and ice cream.

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