Crazee Burger (North Park)

Crazee Burger Angus (4-13-2015)
Angus Burger
Crazee Burger Texas (4-13-2015)
Texas Burger
Crazee Burger Chubby Charlie (4-13-2015)
Chubby Charlie Burger

San Diego Burger Club went to Crazee Burger in North Park today.  We had been to the Old Town location once before, but we didn’t rate it back then and that location has since closed.  I have to say that I remembered the Old Town Crazee Burger more for the variety of burger meats than for the quality of the burgers, but the North Park Crazee Burger was on their game today, rating an A – – and landing in the top 10.

As usual I got a relatively plain burger — the 2/3 pound Angus burger — intending to judge the quality of the burger meat and the fries.  This was a good burger.  It was very juicy with a nice flavor.  It was perfectly medium though and I would have preferred to have it medium-well, but apparently that is my fault as one of our members points out that the menu states in bold that burgers are cooked medium unless one requests otherwise.  The Texas burger also was a hit, and the Chubby Charlie, which comes with Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, pastrami, creamed horseradish, and a fried egg, also rated very highly.  In particular, it was noted that the plethora of ingredients on the Chubby Charlie were very well proportioned, so that each contributed noticeably to the whole without overpowering the burger taste.  The fries were really good as well.  They are thin fries and they were cooked to perfection — perfectly crispy.  I asked for regular fries without anything special on them and I thought they were a little undersalted.  There was no salt on the table either, though apparently it was available in the area where they have (plastic) knives and forks.  Our other members got the regular fries with seasoning salt, and one commented that they had a bit too much seasoning salt.

It’s also worth noting that the burger menu at Crazee Burger is rife with choices.  Not only are there many choices for regular beef hamburgers, but they also have hamburgers made from a combination of beef and lamb, turkey, buffalo, portabello mushroom, salmon, crab, ostrich, kangaroo, antelope, veggie burger, alligator, venison, pork, etc.  If you want a pork burger with nutella, bacon, and carmelized plantains, they have it.  There were so many choices that we actually spent quite a bit of time studying the menu trying to decide what to get.  We must have chosen well because everyone enjoyed their burgers immensely.

So Crazee Burger gets an A – – and breaks into our top 10.  Given the large variety of burgers and the really good hamburgers and fries, this should be on every burger lover’s list as a place to visit in San Diego.

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