Stuffed! Burgers Food Truck — closed

20140611_125211 20140611_125156San Diego Burger Club went to Stuffed! Burgers Food Truck on June 11.  The location of the truck changes daily and you have to go to their website (, or follow them on Twitter / friend them on Facebook)  to find out where they will be on any given day.  Also it appears that some days they are only out at dinner and not lunch, so having the truck accessible for lunch is something of a treat.  We walked a little over a mile to get to the truck.  That was good because it helped us work off the fried Oreos.  :)

We were a bit concerned that there might not be anywhere to eat once we got our food, but we found the truck at the Sequence Drive location and there are some nice outdoor tables there.  We shared a table with some strangers and that worked out fine.  Also, if your vision of a food truck is that they are greasy and unclean, wipe that thought from your mind.  This truck was presentable and any restaurant should be proud to serve food that good.

Enough of the background — what about the food?  Surprisingly good!  This place gets an A-/B+.  Everyone liked their burger.  This food truck also is right up my alley because there is only one option for potatoes — tots!  Yes!  The tots are good too!  The were cooked just right and nicely spiced — a bit peppery for my taste but good!  And then there are the fried Oreos … .  What can I say?  I had never tried a fried Oreo before but now I am a believer.  Nicely fried — neither too crispy nor too soft — with the Oreo softened by the frying but not mushy.  To me, it tasted like a nicely sweetened funnel cake.  One attendee compared it to a Del Mar Fair funnel cake though and said it was much better.

Will I go back?  Absolutely!  I actually went back the following week and have been watching their schedule to plan another return trip.  Recommended!


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