Five Guys Burgers and Fries (La Jolla)

Five Guys (1-29-2014)

San Diego Burger Club went to Five Guys in UTC today.  The consensus, with one contrary view, was that the burgers and fries were good and that Five Guys gets a B rating.  A regular burger, regular fries, and regular drink cost $12.93 with tax.  On the plus side, a regular burger comes with two patties and a regular order of fries is pretty big.  I would characterize the burger as “juicy and delicious” (which always reminds me of Cypher eating steak in The Matrix …), though there was one dissenting view.  Also, how can you go wrong with free peanuts (unless of course one is allergic to peanuts) and with those “Freestyle” Coke machines that have 100+ flavors of Coca-Cola products?  On the downside, the fries are more greasy than at many burger joints, and one of our members attempted to order off the “secret menu” and apparently this location does not participate in the “secret menu”.  There also were a few comments about the sometimes-surly-service, including the fact that the cashier neglected to provide one member with their cup for water.  We arrived at 11:45am and Five Guys was busy but the wait was short.  It was another beautiful day in San Diego and there was sufficient seating outside, so we were able to enjoy our burgers, fries, peanuts, and flavored soda in the sunny outdoors.  As The Governator says, “I’ll be back.”

One thought on “Five Guys Burgers and Fries (La Jolla)

  1. Brandon

    In addition to that pulitzer-worthy synopsis, it’s worth noting that for all of you topping and sauce fiends out there, Five Guys does not disappoint. They’ve got jalepenos, mushrooms, bacon, and others, not to mention the standard fixings, most of which appear to be offered as grilled (onions, mushrooms, etc.)…never asked about grilled lettuce. And if you’ve always wanted a combination of A1, ranch, and BBQ on a burger, you’re welcome to give it a go; they’ve got ’em all — at no additional charge.

    Also, they throw out some classic rock over the speakers…if you can tear your focus away from the burger long enough to listen.


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