Bruski Burgers & Brew (Scripps Ranch)

Bruski Burgers and Brew Pastrami Burger (5-4-2016)
Pastrami Burger
Bruski Burgers and Humpty Dumpty Burger (5-4-2016)
Humpty Dumpty Burger

San Diego Burger Club went to Bruski Burgers & Brew for lunch today.  Surprisingly, none of our members in attendance had been to Bruski before.  This being National Hamburger Month, of course we had to try it.  The verdict?  B+/B

When we walked in to Bruski we were commenting that the restaurant seemed nice inside.  Between that and the large number of burgers on the menu, we were hopeful that we might have a winner on our hands.  This impression dissipated a bit when the meals arrived.  As you can see from the pictures above, the presentation is a bit underwhelming.  Reactions to the burgers varied from “pretty good” to “okay”.  In my case I got the Pastrami Burger, and I have to question whether there was something wrong with the sauerkraut on the burger — it was excessively sour and salty tasting.  After a while I scraped off all the sauerkraut though, and the taste of the burger improved quite a bit at that point.  We also all agreed that the fries were pretty lackluster.  I would describe them as limp and lacking in flavor.  I managed to eat them after dousing them with a heavy dose of salt, but they fell far short of their potential.  One member ordered chips instead of fries though and he liked the chips, and one member ordered mozzarella sticks instead of fries and those were respectable as well.

Overall we thought Brewski was okay — maybe a decent place to eat before seeing a movie at nearby Edwards Mira Mesa theater, but not a destination spot if you are looking for a good hamburger.  Also, if Islands Burger, In-N-Out, Callahan’s, or Fuddruckers are to your liking, those are all in the vicinity as well so there are other choices for pre-movie burgers near Edwards Mira Mesa.

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