Stuffed (Liberty Public Market)

Stuffed Pow Burger With Tater Tots (4-6-2016)
Pow Burger with Tater Tots
Stuffed Bang Burger (4-6-2016)
Bang Burger
Stuffed Cheesy Tater Tots (4-6-2016)
Tater Tots with cheese

San Diego Burger Club went to Stuffed’s new location at Liberty Public Market for lunch today.  Everyone enjoyed their lunch, though a bit of inconsistency resulted in a B+ rating — dropping Stuffed just outside our top 10 for now.  There were some very high high-points, including but not limited to their excellent fried Oreos.  This is a place you should visit.  Note however that Liberty Public Market can be VERY busy and seating is VERY limited.  Definitely get there early — like 11:30am or earlier.

Liberty Public Market opened recently and they seem to still be working the kinks out.  The place is packed with people at lunchtime and the owner of Stuffed told us it is even more packed on weekends.  There are a very, very limited number of tables at which to eat.  They have way more people than tables.  That is something they will need to fix ASAP.  In the meantime, try to get there early — very early.

Like Liberty Public Market, this new location for Stuffed seems to be working out a few kinks as well.  A couple of us went there last week to scout the place out and we thought the burgers were very good, the fried Oreos were very good, and the tots were not very crispy.  This week, the fried Oreos were very good, the tots were very good, and the burgers were a little off — a little underdone in at least two cases and missing the charred, peppery taste that we remember from the Stuffed food truck.  On the recommendation of the cashier we did try the Tater Tots with cheese though.  Stuffed puts a nice nacho-type cheese on the tots and I would say they are pretty much everything you could want from tots dripping with gooey cheese.

The service at Stuffed was excellent as well.  The cashier was very friendly and recommended various items on the menu, and a woman behind the counter was chatting with us about Liberty Public Market and Stuffed’s move there, and we later came to find out she was the owner.

I think when the kinks get worked out the rating for Stuffed may go back up a bit, but for now they get a very-respectable-but-just-below-top-ten rating of B+.  We definitely recommend them, and recommend going early.

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